In the beginning…

After 6 years of searching for the right place at the right time we finally stumbled upon what used to be Brick Oven Pizza. We opened Fluid Espresso Bar on 13th & N Streets n 2006. In the beginning the idea was to serve only beverages and a few pastries. My husband, Sergio, grew up in the bakery business and little by little convinced his wife, Melissa to start making their own pastries.

We became more and more popular every year and quickly outgrew the less than 400 square feet of space. We decided that it was in our best interest to move and expand our bakery operations. We are so grateful to be a part of your neighborhood.

Melissa was born and raised in Sacramento, is South Sac proud and the head chef/owner. She seeks to bring you Latin and other worldly flavors to the menu. She enjoys drawing, writing, yoga, and the ocean. She is crazy about local beer, wine and cheese, supporting other local business and taking Instagram photos from the kitchen.

Sergio is originally from Mexico and is the jack of all trades/baker/owner. He brings his friendly personality and off beat jokes to brighten your day. He grew up in the bakery business and brought some of the first croissants and espresso beverages to Sacramento.

He loves riding his vintage Bianchi bike, cuddling with his cat, political conversation, classical music, and annoying Melissa and Sofía.

Sofía was born and raised in Sacramento. She is the general manager/cake maker/lead baker and loves a bakery challenge. She is also a contemporary ballet dancer and loves cats, telling people what to do, and eating.

Barrio coffees: A tale of friendship and roasting

It was 23 years ago that a Mexican and a Frenchman, Sergio Barrios and Fabrice Moschetti, became friends over coffee equipment. And if you know anything about Cinco de Mayo, you know that this is a most unlikely friendship. They were two people trying to make their different ways in different cities in the coffee industry. Barrios was getting ready to open his second location. He was one of the first to serve espresso in Sacramento and Moschetti was moving from pasta equipment into espresso equipment and carts which were quickly becoming all the rage in the Bay Area. It was about three years later that Moschetti made the obvious leap into roasting and the ever so curious Barrios began assisting. They worked via trial and error together every weekend learning and striving to bring every bean to their unique perfection. It was 23 years ago and thousands of pounds of coffee beans later, Moschetti Coffee Roasting is a thriving and prestigious roasting company in all of the bay area and beyond.

Today the roasting ideals are the same… no trends, just roast each bean to bring it to its unique level of flavor, keeping the focus on single origins, single estate, women’s co-ops, fair-trade, organic, and kosher certified using some of the best beans in the world. As for Barrios… he still makes frequent trips to Vallejo, California to visit his good friend and to check in on the roasting, offer feedback and to bring you the latest offerings from around the world. Barrio will begin offering more options, different beans, and roasts, for in house as well as for you to take home. Our aim is to please and offer something for everyone form bean to roast to brewing method. You can find an array of brewing methods in our café such as, French press, pour over, and espresso beverages.

We hope that we can extend our long time history of friendship over coffee to you…

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